Flex Community

A Stemy Energy initiative

Help us shape the future.
Test a new, innovative approach to reducing carbon emissions in your home.

Why would you be interested in Flex Community

Reduce emissions

Without reducing comfort

Help energy transition

  • The Flex Community allows you to have an active voice and participate in the transformation of the electricity sector. You will be an active member of the electricity market, same as any other large power generating plant.
  • Join our different Plans to fuel your electrical efficiency. You will not only optimize your electric consumption, but you will also be helping the electricity system thanks to your flexibility in consumption. No costs and no giving-up comfort.
  • You will choose the degree of involvement in the Flex Community, which will be a key part in the upcoming energy transition.

For a full explanation of Flex Community and the types of involvement we are looking for click here to go to the frequently asked questions.

Do you want to decide when to consume and understand your consumption for free?

Do you want to be part of a community of consumers where we all create a more sustainable planet, for free?

Don’t you think we should stop spending in new electric network infrastructure and unnecessary investments?

Why don’t we profit from already existing resources to be more efficient, competitive, and sustainable?

Do you need a more efficient and price competitive HVAC solution?

Do you need an EVCP for your electric vehicle that is both sustainable and price competitive?

Do you want to increase your renewable generation consumption at the best price?

Who we are

Stemy Energy

Stemy Energy was created with the mission to reduce the energy bill of end-users, reduce their carbon footprint, and promote a more sustainable energy system, using learning tools to participate in the ancillary services market in real time whilst managing the demand simultaneously.

Stemy Energy was founded by Alvaro, Jaime, Francisco, Miguel, Antonio and Carlos, experts with 20 years of experience working in high performance intelligence in the electricity sector. It was born from a project called SPLODER, which evolved into a commercial product as it proved successful. Stemy has worked with Spanish utilities, and has a working platform with homes all over Spain. Now, Stemy is creating new products adapted to the UK electric market and user experience.

Alvaro Sánchez Miralles

Álvaro Sánchez Miralles

Chief Executive Officer

Jaime Boal Martín-Larrauri

Jaime Boal Martín-Larrauri

Chief Technology Officer

Francisco Martín Martínez

Francisco Martín Martínez

Chief Operations Officer